An analysis of Social Justice and the origins of the Lefts Identity Politics

In the past the left and the right have always had their differences. Gay marriage, tax policy, gun control, etc… But always at the end of the day both sides shared common ground  in regards to love for country and a willingness to debate. We could argue as vehemently as possible with each other but at the end of it all we show civility and respect towards one another. This has always been a common tradition in American Politics. This is until Cultural Marxism took root inside American College campuses.

So what are social justice warriors and what do they stand for?

If you ask a far left progressive they will say that the social justice movement represents a fight for equality across the board for all of society against oppressive institutions that trample on the rights of minorities blah blah blah same leftist commie bullshit talking points….Lets get down to what they really stand for.

To truly understand social justice we must first look at when and what generation the movement took root in. During the height of the PC era millennial children were born into a society where they were little Timmy who can’t score a fucking basketball shot to save his fucking life is given a trophy, rather a participation trophy. He’s given it so he doesn’t feel left out because he’s special and great in his own way. This is the sort of bullshit millennials were fed day in and day out as children. Instead of addressing behavioral issues of these young children, holding them responsible, and teaching them to accept failure, these parents and teachers choose to ignore these issues so that little fucking jimmy can be special in his own way and grow up to be whatever he wants.

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Overtime, as these children become older an enter the real world,  of course as you would expect an overwhelming sense of narcissism and self importance plagues their minds into making them believe that they are absolutely the best. Nothing they do is bad and if anyone tells you otherwise well fuck them they don’t understand you. Combine these personalities with social media you have a recipe for an absolute shitfest of cancerous melodramatic cry babies.

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Technology now provides these people with a 24/7 outlet to reinforce their own narcissistic beliefs. Now here comes social justice and the egalitarian movement to tell these people exactly what they’ve been told their whole life. Nothing is your fault. You are perfect. All your problems and failures that keep reoccurring in your life are do to the oppressive system you live in. Gay people are oppressed by straight people, black people are oppressed by institutionalized racism/white people, and trans are being oppressed by evil cis scum.

This is the narrative social justice pushes. Instead of having these people self reflect and realize what shitty human beings they are, social justice provides them the option of shifting the blame for their problems on imaginary worldly forces and other groups of people specifically whites. Thus creating a paradox of outrage fueled by identity politics.

As a result, the individual is now judge in the eyes of  the social justice movement and their members by their privilege class. They infest college campuses and start to ignore ideas and the merit of argument. Instead an argument is judge not on substance, not on merit, not on rational explanation, but rather by where the individual ranks n the privilege scale.

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Logic and facts are no longer taken into account by social justice warriors and Identity politics is the only thing that matters. The transgender cow spewing bullshit about white privilege for three hours is, in their eyes, more rational due to its identity. While the cis white man that deconstructs progressive myths, such as the wage gap, is viewed as racist and misogynistic. Their points of view are different and do not fit into the identity scale and hierarchy of privilege and thus they must be shutdown.

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The social justice warrior silences and tries to stop those who call them out on their bullshit and point out what shitty human beings they actually are. The idea of their precious progressive bubbles popping or their safe spaces being violated is too much for them to bare. Thus any criticizing points must be pushed out and silenced for good.

You see its not about equality, activism, or justice. Rather this far left movement is meant to silence those who would dare challenge them based on the merit of their arguments. Social Justice Warriors simply seek to make the world as miserable and as ignorant as themselves, by promoting a Marxist animosity of constant protest with a strong combination of identity politics.

As hayek puts it:

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