The Media’s Hypocrisy: The Obama Administration did more to silence the free press yet they bash Trump

Article by Phillip Nieto.

The hysteria from the mainstream media grows and grows everyday the Trump Administration stays in power.And it’s fucking wonderful to watch.

From the Washington Post to the New York Times to the fucking Huffington Post, the media loves pushing this false reality that somehow Trump is this giant Orwellian boogieman who’sĀ hell bent on silencing journalists, suppressing information, and prosecuting anyone who dares leak anything to the press. OH WAIT! That was the late-great President Obama, who more than any other administration in history, prosecuted more journalist sources and whistle blowers under the Espionage Act.

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Not only that, but under Obama’s Justice department, Journalist James Risen was subpoenaed to testify in court; after an appeals court ruled that he must name his source from a story that revealed how the U.S. government essentially gave Iran a nuclear blueprint in a CIA operation gone wrong. The charges were eventually dropped, however, after Risen threatened to go to jail rather than reveal his source. This still set a dangerous precedent on the rights of the free press in the United States, though.

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Yet somehow the Trump Administration calling CNN and other MSM news media outlets “Fake News” is the equivalent of locking up sources and threatening to send journalists to jail. Obviously it isn’t. You know it. I know it. And the mainstream media knows it. But here’s the thing folks…..they don’t give a shit. You really think the big wigs at the New York Times gave a shit when one of their reporters almost went to jail for not naming his source? No, so long as they were continuing to get the unlimited press access and special treatment from the White House they could not care less about one little reporter. Apparently ethics in journalism is only a thing when the press gets special favors. The reason why CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NYT, Washington Post, etc… didn’t make a big deal about the aggressive stance the Obama Administration took towards press freedom was because their power as the establishment media was secured under the Obama White House. They wouldn’t dare do anything to upset the established order because they were the one’s benefiting from the current system. However, when Trump was elected just six months ago, everything changed.

Now more than ever more alternative online based media outlets are being given unlimited press access in ways that have never been done before by any other former administration. Under the Trump Administration, Skype calls and monitors have been set up to take questions from online news outlets from all across the United States, as well as access being given at the press briefing room to companies such as Breitbart and Infowars.

The Trump Administration has revolutionized the media and has been more transparent more than any other administration in the last fifty years — and certainly a hell of a lot more transparent than the Obama Administration. Yet, the mainstream establishment press will continue to hammer Trump over Russia, because they know they’re slowly becoming more and more irrelevant.

New media is taking over and replacing the old MSM. This is the establishment media’s way of lashing out in every way they can, so that they can some how attract enough attention to themselves before they slowly wash away into the currents of irrelevance.

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